Forward Together is an inclusive planning process designed to establish a common economic vision that will drive Genesee County communities forward.

The Action Agenda

As a resident, employee, land owner, business owner or another stakeholder, you stand to gain from this process and the implementation of its recommendations. This is especially true if you become active in the events and engagement. Ultimately, Forward Together is intended to deliver greater prosperity and quality of life to all segments of the community.

What is an Economic Vitality Action Agenda?
The final product of the process, the Economic Vitality Action Agenda, will include a community-derived vision statement for economic vitality. It will seek to integrate the findings, goals and recommendations from other community planning process while also filling gaps in research and analysis that has not been performed. This Action Agenda will include a collection of recommendations (projects, policies and programs) that, when taken together, will help drive our community toward its vision for economic prosperity.

Why does Genesee County need an Action Agenda for economic vitality?
From an economic standpoint, several challenges—from a global recession to the water crisis—have delayed the County’s positive forward momentum, but the community has great potential. With these challenges and potential in mind, now is an important time for county-wide collaboration to address economic concerns and build upon the community’s assets. The Action Agenda will be focused on efforts to promote long-term change in such a way that existing institutions (government, civic groups, non-profits, etc.) can be more responsive to the community’s needs and aspirations. All communities can benefit from a “road map” for their economic future.

The Process

The process will last eight months and offer multiple opportunities for community members to get involved through in-person meetings and online. The general public will have two in-person rounds of participation opportunities, the Visioning Summit and the Open House. The Visioning Summit will take place on May 14th, and the Open House will take place towards the end of the process—once the Economic Vitality Action Agenda has been drafted but before it is finalized (specific date to be determined).

Who is involved?

Everyone! First and foremost, Forward Together is a county-wide, community process. The Economic Vitality Action Agenda process entails an extended community conversation that intentionally engages all stakeholders—residents/citizens, students, neighborhoods, businesses, town government, non-profits, and institutions. Soliciting everyone’s input is critical to the Action Agenda and specific groups each play a role in the process, including:

Steering Committee

Process and substance leadership, ongoing advocacy


Targeted input and special perspectives

City, County & Chamber Staff

Project management, process logistics, local knowledge

Consultant Team

Facilitation and technical expertise


General input and feedback

Elected Officials

Monitoring and adoption

Why should you participate?

Forward Together events will be informative and fun and allow members of the community to share ideas.

Collaboration is powerful.
Today is a new day, and we must pull together to move our community forward. We all need to do our part and participate.

This is a unique opportunity.
Public entities in the County have come together to plan for the future and develop a county-wide vision for strengthening our economy. This collaboration will ensure we all are working toward a common goal.

This needs your insight.
The Planning Team needs your ideas, your input and your feedback to ensure that this county-wide vision represents the authentic voice of the entire community.

Ensure our future is not left to chance.
Communities—like businesses—cannot reach their potential without a deliberate and thoughtful blueprint. This potential has a much better chance to be realized with an intentional and thoughtful planning process.